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The Smallest Updates Can Make the Biggest Difference

Your Nashville Experience

One of my clients is currently looking to purchase a new home closer to downtown. Currently they have a home about 20 miles, outside of downtown, that will need to be sold before they will move. They invited us in to give them a review of their home and were eager to hear our suggestions on what they could do to get the most out of their listing.

We took out the drone and gave the home owners an aerial view of their property, as they were not aware of some of the missing places on their roof.

Then we were shut down.

Since the initial shutdown, my clients were able to have the insurance adjuster look at their roof, since a bad storm came through and they were able to get a brand new roof. We all know how important a roof is, when considering to purchase a home. They will receive an immediate recognized increase in their listing, for this reason alone.

Aside from the new roof, COVID-19 enabled them (like so many others), to start punching off a list of things they are doing to further increase their asking price. Understanding that they also self-installed a sauna on the back of their home and it is awesome. I mentioned this to give context of their skillset. Bluntly, if construction, renovation, breaking things and putting them back together; if that is not your skill set, that’s ok! It’s not mine either. Don’t let your ego get in the way of making certain renovations in your home and potentially messing something up.

Make a list of the things you CAN do and a list of things you can NOT.

While days on market, are consistently holding strong, at (1) month, consider checking a few of these things out before listing your home, as they could help you increase your asking price.

  1. Paint areas that need it
  2. Replace toilet seats
  3. Replace light bulbs / fixtures
  4. Clean everything
  5. Remove all clutter
  6. Remove the weeds from the flower beds
  7. Shape up the bushes / trees on the property
  8. Remove all personal images
  9. Re-caulk bathroom / kitchen areas

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