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3 Things to Consider When Moving to Nashville

We moved to Music City in 2008 before NASHVILLE was on TV, before we launched more cranes into the air than any other major city in the US, before hot tubs starting filling with tourist and driving the streets of downtown and before about 500,000 of our friends joined us here – And we absolute love it!

Here’s a quick list of things to consider when moving to Nashville:

Cowboy hats are not required. 

Traffic isn’t as bad as some says. It truly takes about 20 minutes to get to 85% of places you’ll be driving to. The other 15% of the time, you’ll be white-knuckled in bottle-neck traffic (music / podcasts help). You’ll quickly learn how to plan your day around these bottle-necks and don’t worry – it’s getting better!

Be kind. We are in the South and manners are a real thing that people pay attention to. We hear all the time and are humbled by the fact that Nashville is one of the nicest places in the US. We’ll take it!


#4 (BONUS)
We really like scooters and so do tourists. Sit with it, wrap your head around it – they’re everywhere.


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